Dog has unusual scabs on skin

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Dog has unusual scabs on skin

Beitragvon spadekevin » Mi 18. Jul 2018, 11:30


So we have a GSD who's about a year and a half old. He's been extremely itchy for the past couple of months. He scratches almost everywhere, all the time.
The only problem is where he can't scratch - there seems to be odd scabs popping up at the base of his tail, on his tail, and on his back leg. In these places, he has these black, crusty things on his skin that also cause his hair to stick together. After picking them apart, the skin underneath is pretty darn red. And the only problem is that these aren't from wounds- they're specifically in places he can't reach, so it's obviously a result of his skin condition. Does anybody know what's up?

Please help.

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