Constantly Constipated Cat.

Constantly Constipated Cat.

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I am so glad to have found this site. My cat Bruce Wayne was found on the street with a broken tail and covered in mace. We took him into out home after he was cleaned up by a friend who could not "deal" with taking care of him anymore and was going to put him on the street (no longer friends). He is still the sweetest cat after all he has gone through. His tail had to be amputated and since we have had him he has been both bowel and urinary incontinent. It has been very trying, but we love him so much that we are willing to do what it takes for him.
The problem we are facing now is that he is constantly becoming constipated. He will be good for a few weeks and then we will have to take him to the vet to clean him out. The cycle then repeats. We have Bruce on 3ML of luctalose twice a day and only feed wet food. Yet, he still gets blocked. His stools are just so big. I have heard of low residue food, but not sure which to get or if it will help. Our vet said he seems to have had trauma to his pelvis area which seems to be smaller than it should be. I am looking for any advice or help. From time to time I have to give him enemas, which is what I just did about an hour ago. I also manually insert my finger to pull stool out, but when it is too far I do not want to risk injury and go with the enema. Is the "lobster" claw maneuver easy to do? Is it possible I could injure him?
Any suggestions would be wonderful. If you have any questions that would help please ask. We are desperate to get Bruce back on track.

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