Food for Diabetic Cat with Renal Issues

Food for Diabetic Cat with Renal Issues

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So my 12 year old calico had a bout with renal failure and diabetes over a year ago. They got the diabetes under control and pretty much dissolved the kidney issues, and I'm keeping the diabetes under control with insulin shots twice per day and Purina DM diabetic dry food. I'd like to transition her over to wet food since it seems to be the consensus among cat owners that dry food is really bad for a diabetic cat.
My issue is this, not only is she a dry food junkie, but I read that the wet food that I transition her to needs to be LOW phosphorus, as the phosphorus in cat food is horrible for their kidneys. My question for you more experienced cat owners is this, what brand of wet food also happens to be low phosphorus? I heard that there is a brand called "Primal," but I'm not sure about the phosphorus content of that particular food, I have to check into it. Any brands that you have experience with and have had good results with?

Please help.

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